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Home Software Specifications & Requirement

  1. Unlimited banner and text tracking.
    Create as many banners and text ads as you like. There's no limit.
  2. Unlimited area and campaign tracking.
    Assign multiple advertising spots on your webpages and run unlimited advertising campaigns.
  3. Unlimited client account creations.
    Signup as many advertising clients as you like.
  4. Customized HTML banner tracking.
    Track clickthroughs even in HTML or rich-media banners such as flash banners (Clicktag must be present).
  5. Supports both "mailto:" and "http://" tags for target page.
    Have your visitors email you for info instead of redirecting them to regular webpage.
  6. Supports Rich-media ad codes.
    Specify and serve up to 20,000 characters of HTML or rich-media banners.
  7. Supports unlimited banner dimensions.
    Define your own banner dimensions. Supports small or full-screen banners.
  8. Multiple expiration types for each campaign :-
    • Expired by impression count
      Campaigns are automatically expired once it reached total impressions limit.
    • Expired by clickthrough count.
      Particularly useful if you're selling CPC based advertising.
    • Expired by time or date.
      Specify the duration your campaign should run before it expires.
    • Any or all combination of the above.
      Use multiple expiration criteria for your campaigns.
  9. Weighted campaign delivery.
    Make certain campaigns run more frequently than other campaigns.
  10. Weighted banner or text delivery.
    You can even prioritize certain banners or text ads.
  11. Straight-forward user interfaces.
    So you can easily administer your advertising content.
  12. Use MySQL database for data storage.
    For super-fast and reliable ad serving and tracking.
  13. Real-time statistics for each client, area, campaign, banner, and text.
    Access to your advertising statistics anytime of the day.
  14. Independent, round-the-clock real-time statistics accessible for advertisers.
    Your advertisers can find out how their banners and/or text ads are performing just by logging in password-protected Client Area.
  15. Statistics are divided into Overall, by hour, by day, by week, and by month.
    Complete statistical reports at your fingertips.
  16. Statistics auto-emailing.
    You can set AdvertisementManager to auto-email all your advertisers' statistics daily, weekly, or monthly. Each advertiser can has his or her own emailing schedule.
  17. Text/HTML statistics email format.
    You can specify each of your advertisers' statistics email format. This function will particularly comes in handy if your advertisers prefer to receive text-based email.
  18. Automatic selection of banner delivery for Javascript enabled or disabled browser.
    Diplays alternate standard banner images for older or javascript-disabled browsers.
  19. Auto-generate ad codes.
    Hassle-free ad codes generator accesible anytime.
  20. Supports both SSI and non-SSI HTML site integrations.
    Non-SSI ad codes are particularly usefull if your host disabled or prohibit you from running SSI commands. Non-SSI ad code verions are HTML (with Javascript & non-Javascript enabled browser supports), PHP (local & remote invocations), Perl (remote invocation only), popup, and popunder.
  21. Serve ads across multiple domains/sites.
    Broadcast your ads across mutiple domains from 1 installation folder on a single domain.
  22. Ad codes are in plain HTML/Javascript format.
    So it can be embedded into Perl, PHP or any other dynamic pages.
  23. Supports banner auto-refresh (specified in seconds).
    Refresh only your banner spots without refreshing the entire page. This function will be particularly usefull if you want all your banners to be recycled at a specific interval (ie: 30 seconds).

In order to run AdvertisementManager on your server, your server must met the following requirement:

  • Can be Windows or Unix-based OS.
  • Have a PHP installed.
  • Have a MySQL database installed.

Basically, majority of the webhosting packages today are pre-configured with the above requirement.


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